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Get The Look

Lake Bell’s fabulous NY pad is seeping with eclectic punches from around the world. Get the look with with Mexchic’s Huichol Jaguar Heads, hand woven Ikat blankets or hand embroidered pillows. Advertisements

The Cumbiaton Super Stars of Mexico City

Have you ever wondered about the underground music scene in Mexico City? This featured video depicts a day in the life of a group of adolescent DJs who specialize in mixing reggaeton and cumbia to create cumbiation.

It is a little funny to note the correlation between the boys arrogance (they stroll in a limo at the beginning, come on!) and how they are mostly ignored by the city’s public.

Although shunned by the mainstream, these boys have many fans (mostly female) who will dutifully dance in admiration to the interesting mix!

Today’s lesson: Follow your dreams, no matter what.

mano de santo


Mano de Santo 

Hand-carved (with a pocket knife!) aromatic cedar hands and heart.

Incredibly beautiful just as they are or hang them on a wall. Coming soon, feet to match ♥

Buy them here in our shop

G I V E A W A Y !

We’ve got a giveaway brewing.

The entire month of March we’ll be promoting new LIKES on our Mexchic FB Page, so give us some


On April fool’s day (April 1 if you forgot which day that was…)

we’ll randomly choose two winners to receive a beautiful loomed blanket or an aromatic hand carved cedar heart.

Tell your amigos about it, spread the word!

Here is a link to the entry form

ojo de dios 4 h3

F R E E S H I P P I N G !

We’re shaking things up a bit over here at Mexchic HQ and decided over a big cup of really good (locally grown) coffee this morning to just go for it and give anyone living in the continental USA, Canada and Mexico, FREE SHIPPPING from here on out. ALWAYS! And if you happen live anywhere else, you’ll get an automatic 50% off shipping discount. Shipping is such an annoying expense for everyone, so we thought, let’s just get rid of it! Easy as that right?

You Bet.

You’re welcome, have a great day! 



free shipping flyer

….DO go out and tell everyone you know….

Leonora’s room – how our handwoven Palomita rugs work for kids spaces

I’ve been meaning to get a post up of our beautiful Palomita rugs used in an actual space. I shot some pics of them in a studio environment a few weeks ago, but I thought it was also important to show them being used in a real environment, specifically a kids room. I bought the large 6.5 x 4.6 ft pink Palomita rug for my daughter Leonora’s space. She just turned 1 last week (!!) and basically, it was her birthday gift, a mighty nice one at that! We rent a nice sized house in Mexico, where prices for renting are VERY affordable so Leo  has her own  room filled with some fun finds I’ve been collecting since I moved to Mexico. 


The rug is such a beautiful color and fun texture for little kids. We actually have the cream medium size runner  in our own bedroom and bebe spends every morning playing with her toys on it while we chug our morning cafés, at 6am.


She inherited these little  guys from my own collection of Mexican crafts. They are felted animals I bought on a trip to Chiapas a few years ago and have always wanted to sell these in our shop, so when I get a chance to return I’m definitely going to hook up with an artisan who makes them. 


Another thing Leo inherited from me is this mini paper maché deer head by artist friend Liliana Vargas. She painted it in the style of Huichol indigenous art and this is yet another thing I’ve been toying on selling in the shop. They are so cute and work great as a jewelry hang.


I know, these guys have guns and I am so not a gun person, but they ARE so much fun. I think these to might even be Leo’s favorite toys. I’m in the process of making some marionettes by hand that are more like this


We are fortunate to have so many creative friends. This mobile was made by a best friend of ours who makes amazing Jewelry, Karla Buenrostro, for bebe when she was born. 


This bed is my pride and joy and probably best find ever. It’s a Mexican antique hand-carved bed made of mahogany which I bought before Leo was born on the whim that one day I might have a little one to sleep in it. It cost only about $50 usd for the head and foot board in an antique shop that was going out of business, we had the base made by a local carpenter for about $150.


This turn-of-the-century armoire was also a steal, I had it in my sewing studio when I was still making dresses. When Leo was born it was moved over to her room to hold all of the little hand-made dresses I hope to make for her in the future.

So basically the only thing we invested in buying for her room was the Mexchic Palomita rug! We repurposed a lot of stuff and since I am basically a hoarder of cute things it worked out to be quite inexpensive for us to decorate.

Artisan Profile: Meliton Lopez

Our newest and most fun artisan collaboration to date is with master weaver Don Meliton Lopez. He is quite a character and even without meeting him, you’d know he is en eccentric artist just by seeing his work.

His weavings are a wonderful look back at the textile lovin’ 70’s and 80’s, the time period when his career as a great Mexican weaver took off. Remember when fiber arts and wall hangings were all the rage  and every one and their grandma had a fabulous shag rug? That’s his schtick.


When the preference towards minimalism arrived in the 1990’s,  orders for Meliton’s energetic weavings slowed down a great deal and he has been patiently waiting for the look he has mastered in his eclectic work to come back into fashion ever since.  Well, it’s back now, BIG, and he’s ready.

His shock of brown hair, ends in little curls, not so unlike that of the very merino wool he weaves into massive and beautiful rugs. He can weave anything into a rug or tapestry, he showed me on my last visit, tufts of brown longish fur poking out of a cream wool area rug he had just finished, “es cabello de camello” he said, camel hair. Say what?

My husband says that I have become too obsessed with weaving and has decreed that he is officially  jealous of Meliton. I work with many artisans in a variety of disciplines, wood working, knitting, beading, crocheting etc, but none of those have take over my heart like this weaving thing has. Day and night I obsessively plan up new designs to create with Meliton and new textures to explore, I’ve even just this morning, signed up for a weaving class to better understand his work and to hopefully begin to create my own art. I’m so very excited about this project and the places we can go with his expert weaving hands manning the helm.

Stay tuned for more of Meliton’s amazing work in collaboration with Mexchic.

you can purchase his work in our store, here


braided palm strung with yarns of pink and baby blue hang from a piece of bamboo,

a potentially fabulous window treatment or wall hanging


playing around with textures 


woven rug in the style of stoner favorite, M.C. Eesher 






preparing our Palomita rugs!


Elton Lopez, Meliton’s teenage son, help’s prepare the wool for weaving.

He hand dyes the wool in every color under the rainbow and then hand spins each spool, full of colorful yarn. 

Elton is learning how to weave along with helping is father set up a website. 






Teresa Lopez, Meliton’s wife finishes each rug by hand

adding the looped fringes to each piece



P A L O M I T A hand-loomed wool bouclé area rugs

p a l o m i t a

hand-loomed wool area rugs from mexico


The below sizes and colors are available for individual and wholesale order

please contact us at for more information and pricing.

pr small collagesmall: 2.5 x 3.5 feet, retail $225

available in cream, grey and hot pink mix

please visit our on-line shop to purchase: mexchic on etsy

pr cream medium collage

medium runner: 2.5 x 6.5 feet, retail $360

available in cream, grey and hot pink mix

available by special order only

pr pink collage

large: 4.6 x 6.5 feet, retail: $585

available in cream, grey and hot pink mix

available by special order

R U G S !

Palomita, our hand-loomed bouclé pile popcorn rugs, are woven with 100% virgin eco-friendly wool in a chunky, plush style reminiscent of  1960′s textile art. For being such a traditional item, these rugs look very modern in a room and compliment many different architectural and design aesthetics.

The artisan who weaves these fantastic rugs, cleans and spins his own wool and therefore he is able to attain this interesting and beautiful texture. The wool can be considered ‘green’ or ‘eco’ since it is hand processed and not mass produced.


we’re going to be getting in various sizes and colors (cream, grey and hot pink mixed) in stock in about 3-4 weeks. write us if you want one, we know you do!


cozy sweater size chart

An updated size chart for our beautiful hand-knit Cozy virgin wool sweaters

sweater size chart