October is good karma month!

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NYT thinks Mexico is THE thing now and we couldn’t agree more :-)

Some wonderful articles have been coming out of the NYT recently on how Mexico is ripe and ready for taking over the world (well, kind of ) It made me happy and proud, to the point of being a little teary eyed, to read this most recent article.  Take a moment to take in this one, it will surprise (Mexico City is considered more exciting than Paris?) and excite (culinary tours!) and perhaps inspire a trip here- you’ll never want to leave, we promise!

arrow chic

arrow chic

Mexchic’s arrow head motif throw pillow and blanket can add a bit of spark into an intentionally sparsely decorated room

The Cumbiaton Super Stars of Mexico City

Have you ever wondered about the underground music scene in Mexico City? This featured video depicts a day in the life of a group of adolescent DJs who specialize in mixing reggaeton and cumbia to create cumbiation.

It is a little funny to note the correlation between the boys arrogance (they stroll in a limo at the beginning, come on!) and how they are mostly ignored by the city’s public.

Although shunned by the mainstream, these boys have many fans (mostly female) who will dutifully dance in admiration to the interesting mix!

Today’s lesson: Follow your dreams, no matter what.

meet macario

Meet Macario and his lovely 11 year old daugter Alondra. 

SONY DSCHe is one of the representative leaders of his community Protrero de Palimita in Nayarit, where we are making the beautiful, brightly colored pillows which you can buy here.


Macario specializes in beading (remember those beautiful beaded necklaces we had a few months back?) and thread painting, we don’t sell those but I have a few pieces of his work in my own personal collection. I’ll have to take some pics and get them up here.


We’re planning a number of exciting community project with him in addition to continually creating new and exciting 

collaborations with their artisans. 


Mexchic Muses: Nahui Olin

I recently saw a brilliant exhibition at the Museo Tamayo in Mexico City on the artist/muse relationship between Mexican poet/artist/muse Nahui Olin and her lover the eccentric Mexican artist/dreamer/imaginary city builder Dr. Atl

olin 6

Nahui Olin, currently my newest and most favorite Mexchic muse, modeled for many great artists and photographers, most notably Tina ModattiDiego Rivera and Edward Weston.

She was a modern woman quite ahead of her time. Her painting is quirky and naive and I adore the exaggeration of her huge alien green eyes along with the sense of humor she emits.

She’s having fun, isn’t she just fabulous?!  

olin 7

Take me to your leader

olin 1

Kinda looks like Mia Farrow here, no?

olin 2

the eyes have it!

olin 3

olin 4

Can please have your headdress collection? 

olin 5

hello gorgeous! 

G I V E A W A Y !

We’ve got a giveaway brewing.

The entire month of March we’ll be promoting new LIKES on our Mexchic FB Page, so give us some


On April fool’s day (April 1 if you forgot which day that was…)

we’ll randomly choose two winners to receive a beautiful loomed blanket or an aromatic hand carved cedar heart.

Tell your amigos about it, spread the word!

Here is a link to the entry form

ojo de dios 4 h3

F R E E S H I P P I N G !

We’re shaking things up a bit over here at Mexchic HQ and decided over a big cup of really good (locally grown) coffee this morning to just go for it and give anyone living in the continental USA, Canada and Mexico, FREE SHIPPPING from here on out. ALWAYS! And if you happen live anywhere else, you’ll get an automatic 50% off shipping discount. Shipping is such an annoying expense for everyone, so we thought, let’s just get rid of it! Easy as that right?

You Bet.

You’re welcome, have a great day! 



free shipping flyer

….DO go out and tell everyone you know….

f a v o r i t e things

Recently I’ve been working on ideas for some new artisan collaborations for Mexchic and decided to poke around Pinterest for inspiration. I officially jumped on the pinning bandwagon wanting more or less to see what the big deal was. So after a few weeks spent hanging out with this Pinterest, my new BFF, until 3am some nights, I can say I am officially addicted.

It’s CRAZY and I LOVE it

There is just so much on there to find out about, in a visual way, kind of like how when you go into black holes of searching out random chains of knowledge on Wikipedia, but not. It’s also just a ridiculously fantastic way for us creatives to keep up with all our ideas and inspirations. 

So, while there, pinning/image hoarding at 2 am, I’ve discovered so many new artists I think my head might explode. One of them is the brilliant Sarah Boyts Yoder


Sarah Boyts Yoder
Magenta Bun
Collage on paper

She’s got this incredible movement and sense of color that I’ve been jonesing lately. I’m especially partial to her paintings and drawings that have hot pink with strong black lines. 

 And then yesterday afternoon, I was poking around the fall fashion shows shown on style.com I came across this colorful furry coat by Tom Ford. I was not that into the rest of his collection, but some of the pieces like this jacket, I thought were quite cool. Not to mention gave me more hot pink and thick black line to muse over. 


Tom Ford
Fall 2013

So today, I’ve got some color choosing to do for a new line of hand woven cotton throw blankets we’ve got coming out in a month and I’m surely going to take this love for hot pink with black thick line thing into consideration. 

Oh, I also discovered this fantastic blog while cruising around Pinterest: The Jealous Curator which writes witty little posts discussing new contemporary art works. LOVE it!  I rarely have time to go blog surfing but this is now one of my daily morning reading rituals. Today’s post on artist Jon Widman is especially exhilarating