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arrow chic

Mexchic’s arrow head motif throw pillow and blanket can add a bit of spark into an intentionally sparsely decorated room Advertisements

heat me up

The Selby always makes me want to redecorate.
So I was excited to see that he (Todd Selby) recently decided to travel to Mexico to feature yet another interesting cool couple living/working in Mexico (he previously featured a model/landscape designer also in Tulum).

Eric and Maya of New York moved to Tulum not long ago to open a hip little restaurant named Hartwood
(pic from the selby)
Their restaurant’s kitchen is pure open-air magic complete with wood burning oven and stovetop. 

We’re currently without an oven in our house(horrors,i know)and so I’ve been itching to resolve this situation, but going out and buying one would be too easy.

I’m in love with the idea of making a small adobe wood burning oven in our back yard, traditionally used here for baking bread. The only negative is the large amount of wood used in the hours of heating it up. Though we could add in a natural gas connection to aid the heating process but that seems to overly complicate an idea which is beautiful for its simplicity.

How brilliant is the antler detail on the rustic door? 
Think I’m sold on this. 

The other option

I was also entertaining the idea of building a solar oven (obviously out door). Nowhere near as cute as the adobe oven but definitely more ‘green’ and quick to heat up. Only question is, do I want a spaceship circa 1960 sitting in my back yard? 

Or better yet, perhaps I can find some way to combine the two?

>renewed, revived, reset!

we moved our bodies, our dogs and mexchic studio a few months ago to the most magical house i’ve ever had the pleasure to live in and we’ve finally settled in. can’t wait to go on new adventures exploring new towns and meeting new artisans to work with!
  clearing the lawn
 back yard garden path
 room with a view
 palma in the house
fog rolls onto the porch in the early morning
 filthy and fabulous
 palapa magic
lux living out back