Rosa Blankets

Every month, we will be highlighting one of our most beloved products.

Today’s feature is our Rosa Blankets. Hand-made by our artisan Meliton, each blanket comes in either pink, blue, or creme running parallel with a solid creme color with tiny knots created for a distinct, visible pattern.

Currently, the blue and white stripe and the solid creme are in stock.

Rosa Blue
Rosa Creme

To order one of our Rosa Blankets, visit our online shop!


E m b r o i d e r y

Samples of our long-awaited embroidery pieces have arrived!

We’re using modern embroidery designs on our classic wool blankets and pillows to give them a POP of some bright summer colors that we’ve been craving.

We’ll have these in stock starting next month in lots of bright color variations with exciting one of a kind modern designs.

Let me know what you think, what colors are YOU craving  now? 



mano de santo


Mano de Santo 

Hand-carved (with a pocket knife!) aromatic cedar hands and heart.

Incredibly beautiful just as they are or hang them on a wall. Coming soon, feet to match ♥

Buy them here in our shop

G I V E A W A Y !

We’ve got a giveaway brewing.

The entire month of March we’ll be promoting new LIKES on our Mexchic FB Page, so give us some


On April fool’s day (April 1 if you forgot which day that was…)

we’ll randomly choose two winners to receive a beautiful loomed blanket or an aromatic hand carved cedar heart.

Tell your amigos about it, spread the word!

Here is a link to the entry form

ojo de dios 4 h3

We LOVE this product for cleaning sweaters

It’s going to be warming up come March, which means it will be time to put away your Mexchic Cozy wool sweaters. But before you do that you’ll need to have them cleaned, by either a professional dry cleaning service or lightly hand washing them in cold water with bit woolite and letting them dry flat. 
I also want to recommend this amazing product we recently discovered in an outdoor market in Mexico, for getting rid of those awful little balls (piles) that tend to show up when you’ve lovingly over-used a sweater.
It’s made with 100% natural volcanic rock and is sooo much better to your knits than those electric sweater grinders, I have ruined many a cashmere knit trying to clean using one of those. I’ve spent the last few days cleaning my sweater collection with this product and it literally works miracles. Sweaters I thought were doomed to be thrown out from collecting so many little balls, were renewed completely with this little volcanic buddy of mine.  OK, I’m starting to sound like some random midnight infomercial, but really it works and I highly recommend it for cleaning our sweaters. Nuf said.


Leonora’s room – how our handwoven Palomita rugs work for kids spaces

I’ve been meaning to get a post up of our beautiful Palomita rugs used in an actual space. I shot some pics of them in a studio environment a few weeks ago, but I thought it was also important to show them being used in a real environment, specifically a kids room. I bought the large 6.5 x 4.6 ft pink Palomita rug for my daughter Leonora’s space. She just turned 1 last week (!!) and basically, it was her birthday gift, a mighty nice one at that! We rent a nice sized house in Mexico, where prices for renting are VERY affordable so Leo  has her own  room filled with some fun finds I’ve been collecting since I moved to Mexico. 


The rug is such a beautiful color and fun texture for little kids. We actually have the cream medium size runner  in our own bedroom and bebe spends every morning playing with her toys on it while we chug our morning cafés, at 6am.


She inherited these little  guys from my own collection of Mexican crafts. They are felted animals I bought on a trip to Chiapas a few years ago and have always wanted to sell these in our shop, so when I get a chance to return I’m definitely going to hook up with an artisan who makes them. 


Another thing Leo inherited from me is this mini paper maché deer head by artist friend Liliana Vargas. She painted it in the style of Huichol indigenous art and this is yet another thing I’ve been toying on selling in the shop. They are so cute and work great as a jewelry hang.


I know, these guys have guns and I am so not a gun person, but they ARE so much fun. I think these to might even be Leo’s favorite toys. I’m in the process of making some marionettes by hand that are more like this


We are fortunate to have so many creative friends. This mobile was made by a best friend of ours who makes amazing Jewelry, Karla Buenrostro, for bebe when she was born. 


This bed is my pride and joy and probably best find ever. It’s a Mexican antique hand-carved bed made of mahogany which I bought before Leo was born on the whim that one day I might have a little one to sleep in it. It cost only about $50 usd for the head and foot board in an antique shop that was going out of business, we had the base made by a local carpenter for about $150.


This turn-of-the-century armoire was also a steal, I had it in my sewing studio when I was still making dresses. When Leo was born it was moved over to her room to hold all of the little hand-made dresses I hope to make for her in the future.

So basically the only thing we invested in buying for her room was the Mexchic Palomita rug! We repurposed a lot of stuff and since I am basically a hoarder of cute things it worked out to be quite inexpensive for us to decorate.

P A L O M I T A hand-loomed wool bouclé area rugs

p a l o m i t a

hand-loomed wool area rugs from mexico


The below sizes and colors are available for individual and wholesale order

please contact us at for more information and pricing.

pr small collagesmall: 2.5 x 3.5 feet, retail $225

available in cream, grey and hot pink mix

please visit our on-line shop to purchase: mexchic on etsy

pr cream medium collage

medium runner: 2.5 x 6.5 feet, retail $360

available in cream, grey and hot pink mix

available by special order only

pr pink collage

large: 4.6 x 6.5 feet, retail: $585

available in cream, grey and hot pink mix

available by special order

R U G S !

Palomita, our hand-loomed bouclé pile popcorn rugs, are woven with 100% virgin eco-friendly wool in a chunky, plush style reminiscent of  1960′s textile art. For being such a traditional item, these rugs look very modern in a room and compliment many different architectural and design aesthetics.

The artisan who weaves these fantastic rugs, cleans and spins his own wool and therefore he is able to attain this interesting and beautiful texture. The wool can be considered ‘green’ or ‘eco’ since it is hand processed and not mass produced.


we’re going to be getting in various sizes and colors (cream, grey and hot pink mixed) in stock in about 3-4 weeks. write us if you want one, we know you do!


Heritage Sweater Size Chart

Heritage Sweater Size Chart

Size chart for our Heritage Wool Sweaters

cozy sweater size chart

An updated size chart for our beautiful hand-knit Cozy virgin wool sweaters

sweater size chart