a b o u t

A B O U T     U S

The name Mexchic is a play on the Nahuatl word for the Aztec
Peoples, ‘Mexicas’ pronounced ‘me-shi-cas’.
The Mexchic brand, founded in 2006 by
American designer Christina Hattler, works with Mexican
artisans who are masters of a variety of traditional, centuries old
techniques. We work side by side with the artisans modernizing the traditional
design of each craft,  changing patterns, color, materials, etc. to attract a new
perspective and appreciation for  the cultural riches of Mexico.
Mexchic works directly with each artisan who set their own prices for their work. Each and every artisan works from the comfort of their own homes or their own talleres (studios). We take fair trade seriously and strictly abide by their high standards of human rights. We are currently in the process of applying to become partners with the Fair Trade organization.


If you have a boutique, please don’t hesitate to contact us for pricing.
We sell in beautiful high-end boutiques around the world and would love
to talk to you about selling in yours!

W H O    W E     A R E

Christina Hattler, Mexchic’s left brain, studied fashion design at the prestigious Pratt Art Institute in Brooklyn, New York before embarking on a career of selling her feminine one-of-a-kind creations to the likes of Michelle Williams, Nicole Ritchie, Bryce Dallas Howard, Paris Hilton, The Traina Sisters and many more glamorous socialites and starletts. While sewing her nights away creating chic and trendy frocks for the jet set, Christina spent her days working at House & Garden magazine of Condé Nast publications. There, at 4 Times Square, she received a priceless education on architecture, and product and interior design by daily interactions and conversations with the industry’s top designers, editors and sales teams. She moved to Mexico in 2005 and began Mexchic shortly thereafter. Christina lives in Malinalco, Mexico with her husband, daughter, two golden retrievers and 3 fish.
Tomas Macedo, a lawyer with an LLM in International Human Rights Law is Mexchic’s right brain. He is in the process of creating the Mexchic Cultural Foundation to give back more than just monetary support to the artisans Mexchic works with. Amongst many projects he plans on implementing in the future, is taking small groups of artisans on day trips to museums in Mexico, introducing them to new ideas, influences and perspectives. Mexico, for example, is a Mecca of international art and culture and Mexchic thinks it is important to expose Mexico’s artisans to new ideas giving them an edge, so they might have a fighting chance to compete in today’s competitive world-wide marketplace, with product that is not only high quality, but also modern in it’s design.

We love consulting and questions, please contact us at



  l o v e  +  a r t  +  m e x i c o

christina hattler, founder of mexchic



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