Mexchic Muses: Nahui Olin

I recently saw a brilliant exhibition at the Museo Tamayo in Mexico City on the artist/muse relationship between Mexican poet/artist/muse Nahui Olin and her lover the eccentric Mexican artist/dreamer/imaginary city builder Dr. Atl

olin 6

Nahui Olin, currently my newest and most favorite Mexchic muse, modeled for many great artists and photographers, most notably Tina ModattiDiego Rivera and Edward Weston.

She was a modern woman quite ahead of her time. Her painting is quirky and naive and I adore the exaggeration of her huge alien green eyes along with the sense of humor she emits.

She’s having fun, isn’t she just fabulous?!  

olin 7

Take me to your leader

olin 1

Kinda looks like Mia Farrow here, no?

olin 2

the eyes have it!

olin 3

olin 4

Can please have your headdress collection? 

olin 5

hello gorgeous! 


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