f a v o r i t e things

Recently I’ve been working on ideas for some new artisan collaborations for Mexchic and decided to poke around Pinterest for inspiration. I officially jumped on the pinning bandwagon wanting more or less to see what the big deal was. So after a few weeks spent hanging out with this Pinterest, my new BFF, until 3am some nights, I can say I am officially addicted.

It’s CRAZY and I LOVE it

There is just so much on there to find out about, in a visual way, kind of like how when you go into black holes of searching out random chains of knowledge on Wikipedia, but not. It’s also just a ridiculously fantastic way for us creatives to keep up with all our ideas and inspirations. 

So, while there, pinning/image hoarding at 2 am, I’ve discovered so many new artists I think my head might explode. One of them is the brilliant Sarah Boyts Yoder


Sarah Boyts Yoder
Magenta Bun
Collage on paper

She’s got this incredible movement and sense of color that I’ve been jonesing lately. I’m especially partial to her paintings and drawings that have hot pink with strong black lines. 

 And then yesterday afternoon, I was poking around the fall fashion shows shown on style.com I came across this colorful furry coat by Tom Ford. I was not that into the rest of his collection, but some of the pieces like this jacket, I thought were quite cool. Not to mention gave me more hot pink and thick black line to muse over. 


Tom Ford
Fall 2013

So today, I’ve got some color choosing to do for a new line of hand woven cotton throw blankets we’ve got coming out in a month and I’m surely going to take this love for hot pink with black thick line thing into consideration. 

Oh, I also discovered this fantastic blog while cruising around Pinterest: The Jealous Curator which writes witty little posts discussing new contemporary art works. LOVE it!  I rarely have time to go blog surfing but this is now one of my daily morning reading rituals. Today’s post on artist Jon Widman is especially exhilarating




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