We LOVE this product for cleaning sweaters

It’s going to be warming up come March, which means it will be time to put away your Mexchic Cozy wool sweaters. But before you do that you’ll need to have them cleaned, by either a professional dry cleaning service or lightly hand washing them in cold water with bit woolite and letting them dry flat. 
I also want to recommend this amazing product we recently discovered in an outdoor market in Mexico, for getting rid of those awful little balls (piles) that tend to show up when you’ve lovingly over-used a sweater.
It’s made with 100% natural volcanic rock and is sooo much better to your knits than those electric sweater grinders, I have ruined many a cashmere knit trying to clean using one of those. I’ve spent the last few days cleaning my sweater collection with this product and it literally works miracles. Sweaters I thought were doomed to be thrown out from collecting so many little balls, were renewed completely with this little volcanic buddy of mine.  OK, I’m starting to sound like some random midnight infomercial, but really it works and I highly recommend it for cleaning our sweaters. Nuf said.



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