n o s t a l g i a: Mexico needs thrift stores

One thing I truly do miss from the USA are thrift stores. Growing up in 1990’s Miami (before South Beach was SOBE) found my very best BFFs and I driving all over town at least once a week, zipping through colorful Little Haiti, getting lost up towards Fort Lauderdale and circling adorable Hollywood,  looking to score silky hand embroidered bed jackets from the 20’s, 1950’s ball gown skirts from Italy and seriously foxy fur jackets from the 80’s. Oh Yeah!

When I moved to Mexico 8 years ago I actually suffered thrifting withdrawal symptoms. On a weekly basis, for years, I had dreams that I was all alone in an amazing and immense thrift shop filled to the brim with furs, colorful printed silks, rhinestone necklaces, bead broaches and to-die-for post modern furniture. So many goodies that I could not possibly buy it all, much less stuff it all in my car. I would then wake up in sweats, depressed. 

Mexico NEEDS thrift stores, they can start with little church charity shops, I mean how many churches are there in Mexico, more than in any other place in the world! Puebla alone could be the church charity shop center of the world if they only tried. But alas, no thrift stores in Mexico.

I’ve gone the buying online route, a few things from etsy are on their way here as we speak, but it’s just not the same. Thrifting online does not give you the high and sensory  thrill of literally  throwing down 30 dresses into a old beat up grocery cart and pushing it into the dressing room with your BFF , trying it all on, then going out that very night wearing your best finds. Sorry internet.

So what is a hipster to do on Saturday morning In Mexico you ask? Why, you’d go to  Lagunilla in Mexico City and find yourself digging through piles laid out on the ground, filled with discarded quinciñera dresses made of polyester, thrown out anything from Zara and maybe, if you’re lucky that day,  you’ll come across a little gem from the 60’s…  And then when you find that gem, it’s not so cheap, not to mention there is no place to try anything on. Most markets have a used clothing section, with said piles but there’s never any furs or stylish Palm Beach grandmother’s cast offs. The churches and synagogs need top get their thrift on asap and open charity shops. The wealthy Abuelas of Mexico (of which there are many!) need to start donating to these shops. Then, and only then, I will be at peace again.


In this pic (of a pic) of Toms and I, we are at a Mexican wedding party- in Mexico, photographers take photos of all the wedding guests there and then sell them for about 5 dollars back to you. Anyways, I’m wearing a dress I hand made with a piece of beautiful lace. The lace came from a delicate old handmade lace shawl that I scored in a thrift store in Miami. 

This song came on MTV while I was drinking my morning café today and flooded my heart with nostalgia of the good times with great friends I had while thrifting. I also totally adore that they are rhyming about the antithesis of those Gucci, LV toting artists. These dudes, Mackelmore & Ryan Lewis, tell you like it is, don’t worry if you only got $20 dollars in your pocket, you’ll come of looking hot. Not to mention with a more original and cuter outfit that those label whores!  Oh YEAH!

So, do you all love thrifting? If you live outside of the USA what do you do to satisfy your thrifting urges?

This is a cute article on thrifting

This is my 100th post ya’ll!



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