mexchic is back!

Hola Amigos!

We’re finally back to regularly updating this space with even more fabulous pictures, exciting new ideas, more intimate portraits of our artisans along with just generally cool shizzle from around town here in Malinalco.

It’s so great  to finally be back, up and functioning after what amounts to approximately one year off! Mexchic was placed on creative auto pilot, so we could take care of our new bebe, Leonora. In that amazing amount of time a lot has happened, Leo is about to turn 1, we’ve moved houses and now have a ridiculously beautiful close-up view of the Toshquiwa mountain range, are about to buy land (!!) with an even better view than we have now and a seriously romantic windy river running by it. I’ve been dreaming up lots of new artesania modernization/collaborative projects with a few extraordinarily talented artisans that i’ve been working on these last few months to bring into light: Lamps! Pillows! Necklaces! Ponchos! Embroidery! And much much much more! Expect to see lots of new offerings in the coming months in our shop, and also, sign up for our newsletter, we’l be sending out fun notes once every few months about sales (with discount codes!) along with info on new fabulous product arrivals.





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