museo de arte moderno, mexico df

wood table with plastic soft drink crates as drawers (LOVE!)

We spent a luxurious get-away weekend in Mexico City, eating our way through every colonia and excitedly finding ourselves lost amongst centuries of great architecture and design. Amongst other things, we paid a visit to the  Museo de Arte Moderno in Chapultepec Park, I had never been and read they had a sweet little exhibit on Mexican designers using traditional craft techniques to make their modern looking work. There were a few really impressive designers doing this and others whose work which was just cool but not based on  any traditional methods and yet others which where not worthy of being in a museum exhibit at all (yikes!). Overall though, it was great. Here’s the good stuff…

leather embroidered chair

stunning rope knit lounge chair

beer bottle chair

old school acapulco style chair with modernist flair
traditional volcanic rock molcajete with a beautiful wood base
kitsch hand woven rug with image of Emiliano Zapata

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