mexchic artisan interviews

Once a month we’re going to go more in depth with our artisans (there are over 10 now) interviewing them, asking them how they got started, where their inspirations come from, how long they’ve been working as artisans and how they survive making their art in this modern day and age of machine and factory made everything. Are they able to support their families? Are they teaching their children how to carve wood or hand loom rugs? Did they go to school? Are their children in school?

These questions are important for our customers and supporters to see the answers to, because you will be more informed about where our products are coming from, who makes them and why. We build close working relationships and friendships with the artisans we work with. Our artisans are human beings, artists, working out of their own studios and houses. They are not machines, not factories. But they work at their own pace which can some times drive us mad! Whenever orders come in from stores and individuals, the pressure is on to get them shipped out and the artisan is off hiking, dancing at a 24 hour long wedding, hungover or just working really slowly! The pace of life in Mexico is otherworldly, to say it is slow is a gross understatement. The idea of the first world -get things done today- does not exist here in the campo. This is a culture of mañana meaning tomorrow. Everything is mañana, I’ll do it mañana.

So how do you structure a business around mañana? Still trying to figure that out. Until then I’m just happy to be able to get to know these amazing people, this gorgeous country and rich culture.

Look out for our first interview next month.



view from ocuilan


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