textile lovin

This stunning colorful pillow cover was made using a vintage men’s poncho from Chiapas, which is in southern Mexico. The poncho is a traditional clothing item used by men in the area of Zinacantan, specifically the Tzozil Maya in times of regional festivities. Zinacanta means literally ‘Land of the bats’. 

The actual textile is woven by hand using a traditional centuries old technique called ‘back strap loom’ where the weaver is literally strapped into the weaving process with a belt. The textile is then embroidered either by hand or a pedal sewing machine (this particular textile has pedal machine embroidery). Its color is striking, with vibrant hues of pinks, reds, yellows, aqua blues and large hand-made colorful tassels on each corner of the pillow.
The designs on the textiles are inspired by the artisan’s surroundings and this particular design, all of which are one-of-a-kind, has a number of fantastical flowers and also a sweet bright yellow parrot on each side. The pillow has textiles on both sides of the case and 4 handmade tassels.
Size of Case: 12.5 inches x 26 inches
 This textile comes from my private collection of vintage and antique Mexican textiles which I will I am going to begin using to make beautiful pillows and hand bags. Please continually check in for new textiles! 


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