tlaxcala, tepotzlan and puebla

a superb view of the famed explosive volcano popocatepetl while driving towards Puebla

color + doors

dried cochinilla (an insect which plagues the nopal cactus) dried and used to make brilliant shades of pink, which you can see examples of in the photo of her hand-woven ‘tapetes’, rugs. 

        soft light, blue walls


Guillermina at work on her wooden pedal loom

hand-spun woolen yarns hand-dyed using natural pigments from plants and insects

indigo pigment from the coast of Oaxaca

chile de arbol, seco

Tlaxcala, amongst other things,  is famous for their brave (and handsome!) bull fighters

Tesoros in a church in the center of Tlaxcala

politically charged graffiti 

Agua de limon con chia (remember Chia Pet?)the Pre-Hispanic Mexicas would swallow dried chia seeds on long journeys and the seeds would expand in their bellies providing protein rich, light weight meals. 
extra extravagance on the road through puebla
maiz, azul y amarillo in the Tepotz market
beautiful old church in tepotzlan

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