Object of Desire

A truly original Mexchic piece, our subtle and chic ‘CABALLO’ hand-braided horse hair bracelet with sterling silver clasps is an edgy yet minimal take on the classic standard ‘slide bracelet’. Our ‘Caballo’ horse hair bracelet is unisex and with fit snugly on all wrist sizes, by sliding the silver clasps to fit your wrist, large, medium or small. 

Braided by hand by a local Mexican indigenous artisan using beautiful, fine strands of gorgeously hued horse hair and hand-forged sterling silver clasps. 

Made from all natural (undyed) horsehair and sterling silver, you never have to take our “Caballo’ bracelet off for a shower or swim. 

Colors may vary slightly due to the varying color of the horse hair. If you’d like a lighter colored bracelet as shown in the photos, a darker hued one (not shown), or mixed with light and dark strands, please not this in the invoice when you make your purchase. (we will soon be listing pictures of the other colors available)

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