>Taxco and the Original Margarita

>We took a short weekend trip (for tomas’ b-day) to the mountainous Mexican silver-smithing-mining town of Taxco a few weeks ago and I have not been able to get it out of my daydreaming mind since. Had planned on doing a line of jewelry down the road, in the far future, but now that I’ve gone to this silver-smithing mecca, I can’t stop fantasizing of outrageous fantastical jewelry designs. Next week I’m going to start working with a friend who’s a jewelry making pro to get some samples down, and with those I’ll start a small limited production of hand made pieces. Hopefully within the next few months i’ll have them ready for sale! Here are some pics of Taxco and inspirations of what’s to come!

 Said to have invented the Margarita, Berta’s cantina around since the early 30’s, in the centro of Taxco is a sweet little bar with a beautiful view of the Paroquia. I actually fell so desperately in love with their Margarita, that I boldly asked for the recipe, of course they would not give it to me, but did let me in on the ingredients, and figuring it out was pretty easy:
mineral water, tequila, lime and honey
 If ever you find yourself in Taxco, do yourself a favor and please go to Sasha’s cafe!
Javier and Sasha (couple on right of pic) have been running the place for over 11 years and
make their own delicious cinnamon infused mezcal. You’ll meet everyone worth knowing in Taxco if you’re there on a weekend night.
 Eat at Sotavento, the only really great cafe/restaurant we found in Taxco.
Taxco’s not really a foodie place, being it’s all about silver, but the food here was fantastic,
the service perfect and setting beautiful (hard to find all three in Mexico!)

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