>palma hand woven dog beds

For the summer we’re making some fantastic things out of palma, first (and one of our favorites so far) is a beautiful and chic hand woven dog or cat) bed set with a fancy cushion and contrasting piping.

There are very few people left in the Toluca region who make this specific type of spiral basket weaving, but we’ve managed, after a lot of foot work, to source an artist out!

There will only be a limited number of these available, so if you love them, and you love your dog, we suggest you don’t hesitate to splurge on this heirloom piece.

The colors will come in a combo of beige (as seen in pic) mixed with design graphic in either rosa mexicana, teal blue, emerald green, shiny black or dark burgundy, in addition to one of a kind baskets we will also have available, starting next week.

They are perfect for small breed, toy and mini pooches and also cats, who are past the ‘eat everything in sight stage’ (the baskets are very sturdy, but won’t stand for being eaten by pooch).

We’ve sourced a fabulous semi water resistant poly cotton mix fabric which is chic enough to hang out in your living room and comfy enough and sturdy enough to resist normal every dog use, such as bone eating, paw licking, playing, sleeping, etc.

The inner stuffing is sewn tightly into a cotton muslin lining, which can be hand washed or dry cleaned, and the outer layer (with zipper) is machine wash (we suggest you line dry to avoid shrinkage) and hand wash friendly.

The cushion fabric comes in a multitude of fabulous designs to choose from.

These photos are of the first sample we have received. If you’d like to place and order please email us at mexchicdesign@gmail.com. We should have the other samples up and ready within the next few weeks.

Thank you to the ever handsome ‘Kawachi’ the chihuahua and three little 1 month old schnauzer pups, who have yet to be named.

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