>tongs and whisks


Currently our hot chocolate wisk otherwise known as a ‘molino’ and our scissor tongs are only being sold wholesale, but they are so lovely I wanted to show them off.
If you’re a hot chocolate lover then you know Mexican hot chocolate is the very best. Spicy, sweet, frothy, thick and smooth. It’s all about the consistency, and using this special hand-carved whisk, turns what would otherwise be a flat drink, into a frothy cappuccino-like dream. The Mexican chocolate used to make this drink can be found around the world, in specialty food shops and also large grocery chains, but theses hand-carved wood ‘molinos’ are harder to come by and quality is not always the best. Ours are hand-made with beautiful ‘Copal’ wood, are sturdy and created with a very complex design, they say the more complex your molono, the frothier and more delicious your hot chocolate turns out.
Our modern hand-carved tongs are function, beauty and tradition rolled into one. They can be used for anything to flipping steaks, tossing and serving salad, to mixing and serving pasta, etc. They are made with a modern design are entirely hand-crafted out of a beautiful rich Mexican wood called ‘Corazon de Guaje’ by an artisan whom has been hand-carving incredible useful objects out of wood his entire life.

If you own a boutique and are interested in carrying our products or know of a boutique where you think our products would be happy, please don’t hesitate to send us an email
mexchicdesign [at] gmail.com

5 thoughts on “>tongs and whisks

  1. >I love those. I used to have a molino for the chocolate. A friend of mine made a trip to Mexico and brought me some tongs and a molino. These are very nice. Thx for sharing.

  2. >Oh my! Those are so beautiful! I always try to make my hot chocolate with a frother but I didn't know about Molinos. You'd think I would having grown up in a largely Mexican neighborhood! ahhh ….I see that deer bowl below…have to go and check it out. Mucho Gusto!

  3. >LOVe the molinos and the tongs…here in Canada, in cities, there is a Fair Trade store called Ten Thousand Villages – they actually carry Molinos…but not the exquisite mexican chocolate…your hand carved wood products might find a home on their shelves – there are hundreds of the stores in major urban centers all over N.A. – contact them (google their head office) all you have to do is prove the product is fair trade (not sure exactly what process they go through…) Try and contact Farah Ali if you can, she might direct you – actually I will send her a link to this blog!

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