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I’ve been very busy lately and because of that I’ve been terribly neglectful to my mexchic blog, but all for the greater good, I promise! In the last few months, I’ve launched a design company called ‘mexchic’ where I work with different indigenous Mexican artisans creating hand-made goods for the home and body.

My first project was working with the wonderful people of a teeny town high up in the cold pine-filled forests of Central Mexico where they make woolen goods. Families raise the sheep, hand-sheer them, hand-spin the wool and then hand-knit the wool. It’s all very cut and dry and thats why I’m smitten with the products they create and have been creating for centuries. Virgin wool, hand-made sweaters we’ve named ‘Cozy Sweaters’ and ‘Top Drawer Blankets’, dyed with natural dyes and so very very warm you’ll never want to be without them come winter.
Our ‘Cozy Sweaters’ were made famous by Marilyn Monroe in the 60’s and then Starsky of the TV show ‘Starsy & Hutch’ in the 70’s. There are very few people who make these sweaters now and sadly, fewer and fewer families are passing down the tradition and knowledge on how to create them thus dying a slow and sad death, as many of the crafts in Mexico are.
Our virgin wool ‘Top Drawer Blankets’ look very modern. They are light in weight and made of beautiful soft virgin wool woven with interesting geometric designs of stripes, plaids and diamonds and come in an array of natural taupe, cream and shades of grey. I Use mine for yoga, to snuggle up in on the couch and I also take mine on road trips. It is a very useful item. we’re also currently working with a leather craftsman to create hand braided leather straps for the blankets to make carrying them around easier.
They come in over 30 different patterns
You can find both the blankets and sweaters for sale here: mexchic on etsy

6 thoughts on “>new project

  1. >Wow. I remember this type of sweater and the first thing I thought of when I saw it was MM. I haven't seen one of these in a long time. Beautiful. Congratulations on your new design company. I'll check out your etsy.

  2. >Hi! thank you for all for writing and checking in!! I am getting a new order of both blankets and sweaters this Sunday and I should have them up on Etsy by Monday morning! Please do check back then. You are also always welcome to place a special order for most anything you see which is out of stock from me if you'd like. best,chrisitna

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