>playa paraiso

Somewhere between Acapulco’s cliff divers, Ixtapa’s modern hotels and Zijuatanejo’s sleepy bays, lies Playa Paraiso, a stunning open-ocean, palapa filled paradise, run primarily by local fishermen and their families. After crossing the town of Lano Real, a 20 min drive down a dirt path lined with palm trees and the faint smell of lush mota plants growing far off in the distance, you’ll arrive and never want to leave. A tent and a toothbrush, thats about all you’ll need, there is fresh, just caught sea food available daily, which ranges from lighthearted dishes such as ‘Pulpo Enamorado’ (Octopus in Love) or the most delicate ‘Caldo de Camaron’ (Shrimp Broth) you’ve ever set lips to. Ice cold beer is on hand too, along with a fully stocked bar and the requisite ‘Coco Locos’. Everything is ridiculously affordable. Ask for Irma and Celso when you arrive and tell them Christina and Tomas sent you.

breakfast of champions
ps. If you’re lucky, you too will see what we saw, in regards to animal life. we enjoyed 2 entire days of whale watching from our hammocks beer in hand, schools of dolphins surfing the waves in sync at sunrise, giant turtles laying eggs at midnight with a full moon and and incredible amounts of teeny little crabs and birdlife.
lucky/talented fisherman caught a giant needle fish
pss. We travelled there with our two huge Golden Retrievers without a problem, so it’s a dog friendly place.
psss. Last thing, promise! There are massive, incredibly lush, fresh water lagoons very near by, we never made it to see them cause we just could not bare peeling out bodies off of the hammocks, but Celso, the palapa’s owner conveniently has a lagoon boat tour. He used to be a professional fisherman making his living off the lagoon before he opened the palapas. Caymans and all sorts of bird life are to be found there.
not so lucky fisherman trying to make it out to see, but could not manage getting past those waves

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