dia de los muertos

This past month of October has been so bustling with things to do, people to see, birthdays, weddings and parties to attend, not to mention work to get done that I’ve hardly had any time to post to mexchic. However, I did take my camera most everywhere so I will be sure to post pics of all that I experienced in the coming weeks ahead.

First off, and most importantly for October, Dia de Los Muertos needs to be addressed! Candied skulls, marzipan mini fruits and sugary coffins – artistic expression takes over our town’s center (and most every Mexican’s town markets and centers), specifically our ‘portales’ area which has just recently been beautifully restored.
No less than a hundred colorful stalls brimming with brightly painted candy skulls, chocolate shaped bones, turron, sweet breads, clay bowls filled with candied fruits, arts and crafts are set out to be sold to the public for the entire month.
The reason for this market’s existence is for the tradition of setting up ‘ofrendas’ (offerings/altars) in ones house, to honor the dead. The ofrenda typically contains things the deceased, loved in life.
A bottle of tequila, mezcal, cigarettes, tamales, candies bought from the market and fruits are set out to welcome the spirit back and to wish them well.

Ofrendas can also be set up on top of a grave site. A family will gather in the pantheon to honor the departed, draping their loved one’s grave in seasonal flowers such as the bright orange cempasuchil and the velvety wine colored terciopelo. Around the grave will sit the family, drinking tequila speaking of the deaprted, telling stories and remembering the past.

3 thoughts on “dia de los muertos

  1. >Now that was very nice. We just had our Dia de los Muertos for our family. Those pictures are great, such vivid colors. Thanks for sharing. Hope you had a lot of fun at parties, etc.

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