huitlacoche’s moment

The corn fungus with the crazy difficult-to-pronounce 

Nahuatl name, huitlacoche aka ‘corn smut’ to the 
gringos, is one of my favorite things to eat when the 
rainy season arrives. It has become more popular over 
the years I hear and has arrived to the status of 
‘gourmet’ where it used to merely be a food 
of the people. Now you can’t enter a high-end mexican 
restaurant anywhere in the world without encountering 
a dish featuring huitlacoche on the menu. It’s incredibly 
easy to cook and it has a dramatic anise flavored back 
ink which is heaven when eaten with fresh crema and 
cheese. The recipe i’ve cooked here took no more than 
about 10 min to prepare. 

I took about 1/2 kilo of fresh huitlacoche (the fresher the 
better, buy it sold directly off the corn husk if possible). 
Gently rinse with water and pick over for any too mushy 
pieces and corn silk. Throw some olive oil in to a large 
pan with minced garlic and onion, cook until soft and 
fragrant, add chiles, any kind will do, i used these little 
red and orange chile serranos for their color, but the 
flavor of the large green chile poblano is also excellent 
and not too spicy. After the mix is well seasoned add 
the huitlacoche and cook for about 10 min on low heat, 
covered, then just when the fungus looks to be ready add 
in some lightly chopped epazote leaves.Add salt to taste 
and serve with quesadillias filled with queso oaxaca. 
The mixture freezes well for a few months.

Huitlacoche also makes an incredible filling for 
homemade pasta raviolli. Sage, heavy cream, parmesan 
cheese, spicy red pepper or chiles are all you really need 
for an excellent tasting dish you’ll not soon forget.

7 thoughts on “huitlacoche’s moment

  1. >Kudos to you for this awesome recipe. I still haven't worked up the nerve to actually eat huitlacoche. I still freak out at the sight of that black fungus on my corn. (Happened last week!) One of these day though. And when I do, I'll use this recipe! 😀

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