eggs in a basket

Before I bought this beautiful hand made egg basket I used to keep my eggs in the fridge, even though the stall in the market where I purchased them, sold them out of a crate which had been sitting out on a shelf, at room temperature. Though once I bought this basket, it got me to thinking, why I bother keeping my eggs in the fridge… because my mother always did so and the USDA recommends it. All the more reason to leave them out and see what happens I say, my mini rebellions! And if the entire country of Mexico is leaving their eggs out on the counter and no one is dying, it can’t be all that bad, right?

The eggs are super fresh, brought in directly from the ranch (the key I think), so freshly laid that the shells even come with the occasional feather attached. The yolks are bright orangeyellow and the flavor, consistently wow! never have I had better tasting eggs.

4 thoughts on “eggs in a basket

  1. >When you think about it, we actually eat "dead meat" and that's what I call it. Something has died and we eat what has died. Ayeeeeee, that sounds terrible but it's true. As far as the eggs, we have chickens so we get two eggs a day from the two chickens we have. Sometimes I give them away because we only have an egg or two on weekends. I use them for baking, etc. I don't know, I feel safer if they are refrigerated. I guess because that is embedded in my brain. Great post. I like how you write. Have a great Friday.

  2. >I like my room temperature eggs. From a cook's perspective, room temperature eggs are easier to incorporate into whatever igredients, batters or mixtures you might be using. Plus…room temperature egg whites beat up much fluffier! 😀

  3. >leslie you are so very right about having them room temp for baking, though i have to admit i am the WORST at baking, i can cook anything, but bake? no way! and gloria i'd love to have hens of my own, thats another dream of mine… no space for now, but the second i do, i'm getting me some little chicks! and i'll write to ask you advice!

  4. >I was lucky enough to have a stand at my farmers market who sold farm fresh eggs this summer, the difference was phenomenol, I kept them in the fridge though. Maybe when we move back to Italy one day I can keep them on the counter, but not while living in the States. Too much weirdness in the food that we eat. Mexico is our neighbor, we need to start learning a thing or two from our poorer neighbor down south, they are richer in ways that Americans will never understand.

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