Good Old Mexico

My family it seems, has always come to mexico on vacations. I ran across these funny polaroids of my great grandparents Navy and Lorraine, exploring the wonders across the boarder in the 60’s. And I have stories from another grandmother of Acapulco and San Miguel de Allende in the 50’s. She used to tell me how inexpensive and beautiful it used to be in San Miguel. She said an artist friend of hers who, in the US was not very wealthy, could live like a queen in San Miguel with a house full of servants in a big old house with gardens. About Acapulco she’d say there would be exotic wild animals hanging around the pools of the hotels, crocodiles, tigers and monkeys while you sip your margarita. 

One thought on “Good Old Mexico

  1. >Hi MC. I started to comment and somehow I lost it. Hopefully you won't get two. These pictures are awesome and a treasure. I really like that idea of being able to live so good with so little. Thanks for sharing. I always enjoy your posts. Take care.

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