I’ve been a bit neglectful to mexchic as of late because some really interesting work has come my way; designing a number of dresses for a film about the student massacre at Tlatelolco. A costume designer friend hires me on occasion when she needs some pretty dresses made and being a huge film buff, I typically drop everything I’m doing for the chance to work with her and the really interesting Mexican indie film projects she is hired to do. I’ve also been neglectful to my kitchen and love of cooking elaborate meals for us, and so my husband, not knowing how to fend for himself, yesterday brought home Burger King and today it’s going to be Chicken Nuggets from the market… yikes!


5 thoughts on “work!

  1. >Hi Mexchic. I love that kitchen. Is that your own kitchen? Wow, I love the simplicity of it. I wish there was some way I could get rid of things and just have a simple creative looking kitchen. Your a designer, what would be the first thing I would do to cut down on the things I have in my kitchen? I so need to straighten my kitchen out. Oh well, you have a great day and it sounds like a great job you have. Have fun being creative.

  2. >Your kitchen is so darn cute!!! I love that green tile counter. My hubby says that his mom used to have one just like that, but then had wood cabinets installed.And how very cool that you're helping make the dresses! I like to sew, nothing professional, but I make my own clothes. I hope you will post pics of the dresses!

  3. >thanks dears! yes i love old mexican kitchens, though unfortunatly this one is not mine 😦 though this IS my dream kitchen so does that count? found it on a realestate website for a house which was for sale about 5 years ago in Merida… a beautiful house.. and at that time it was very inexpensive! though at any rate it's not so easy keeping a kitchen looking orderly, especially when it's being used constantly for actual cooking! here is an article by mark bitman aka 'the minimalist' from the NYT, he's someone who knows how to keep it simple and wrote an article a while back on what equipment is and is not necessary in a kitchen…. you really don't need that much to cook a great meal, and the ingredients typically are more important than the type of spoon or pot you're using.glad you're sewing leslie! thats part of why i love mexico so much, there is so much artesenia- embroidery, knitting, sewing, lacemaking going around i'm constantly inspired, as i'm sure you are!xo

  4. >Hi Mexchic found your blog through Gloria. I enjoyed the picture you posted of the kitchen. I use to be a seamstress for many many years. I made everything you can possible name. Now I just make quilts, jewelry, and paint. I enjoyed your blog.

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