pears in season

The other weekend we were lucky enough to be invited to our friend Marco’s ranch in Temoya, about a 1 hour drive from Toluca. His family, going back a few generations, all grew up here, it was once their hacienda of a few thousand hectares, set with a beautiful century-old house. When his father grew up the family decided to give the land back to the people who had worked it through and through. Marco’s father kept a small portion of the land for himself, atop a hill where they have a stunning view of all they used to own.

On the property, they have a little pond with black fluffy ducks, beautifully plumed chickens, grazing sheep (not for eating, but rather from keeping the lawn turning unruly) a vegetable garden and a plethora of fruit trees of which the pear was ripe and ready to pick at the time we were visiting.
I returned home with about 6 pounds of pears and not having much of a sweet tooth, I wanted to make something a bit more savory than a tart, something which would use up the majority of the pears all at once and last a while in the fridge, and so I found a truly spectacular recipe for pear and rosemary butter on
My rosemary plant was needing a bit of a trim, vanilla beans, bought on a recent trip to Oaxaca were desperate to be used in something besides my morning coffee and I’d be able to use up all the pears at once, perfect. The only change I made to the recipe was for the pear juice, I decided instead of using store bought, which would be difficult to find here, I’d make my own, not to mention it would probably taste better and be healthier. It was out of this world, I’ve smothered it on buttered toast every morning for two weeks and I’m still not tired of it. 

One thought on “pears in season

  1. >That sounds really delicious. The property is to die for. Wow! What a beautiful place. We just planted a pear tree this past year and hopefully next year it will fruit. Thanks for sharing.

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