auacatenango drink recipe

a good friend from guadalajara gave me this recipe for a northern mexican take on a classic michelada. this is a fantastic and refreshing drink to enjoy the last warm days before the cold of fall sets in

auacatenango recipe:

by mexchic


1 light mexican beer such as corona, especial or estrella

1 tall beer glass rimmed with crushed sea salt

2 limes cut in half

1 large pinch of crushed chile de arbol (or dried red pepper flakes will do)

1 large pinch of freshly ground black pepper

1/4 avocado sliced (not too thinly)

2 generous dashes of maggie salsa

1 dash of tabasco

2 ice cubes


squeeze lime juice into glass. add maggie, tabasco, crushed chile de arbol and black pepper along with the ice cubes and stir up mixture. gently place avocado slices into glass and pour beer. best enjoyed outside on a sunny day with friends.


2 thoughts on “auacatenango drink recipe

  1. >Now that really sounds refreshing. I never thought of adding avocado but it sounds pretty good. Thanks for sharing, I may try it some time. Have a great rest of the week.

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