San Angel Inn, located in the coloniaof San Angel, Mexico City hands down has the most delicious margaritas known to exist, and I’ve had many a margarita in my time, call me a self proclaimed expert on the matter. Forget anything frozen, likening itself to a brain freeze slurpee from 7-11, this margarita on the rocks is served up proper. Shaken and poured into a small martini glass, it is elegant in its presentation and tastes simply sublime. The food at San Angel is not bad, nor is it amazing, but the scenery of the restaurant, an eighteenth century hacienda, with an open air courtyard flooded with flowers and fancy city folk makes it worth a visit.

here is a link to a photo of the experience (i was too busy drinking them to take pics!)

2 thoughts on “margaritas

  1. >Years ago when I had a margarita at San Angel, the margarita was served in a silver decanter snuggled in a silver basket of ice. The glasses we poured them in were chilled. So elegant I've never forgotten the experience.

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