the most glorious flower

Flor de Yuca, I believe. Lying against a wall waiting to be sold in San Miguel de Allende. Their scent is incredible and their white flower is a stunner. Would truly make a perfect flower to decorate a Mexican wedding.


4 thoughts on “the most glorious flower

  1. >The first time I saw these I thought they were Gardenias but they aren't. Although we will see both here. I love the flowers of the upcoming season. I love all the trees with Noche Buenas. Hope I spelled that right.

  2. >i am primarily a clothing designer… though i could say for most designers that the creativity spreads through all aspects of ones life, no? what kind of designer are you leah? and yes amanda, i also love the noche buenas trees, i never knew they could grow so tall, as in the states, people just buy them at christmas and then throw 'em out so they never really have a chance to grow.

  3. >My day job is graphic/web design, but you are right, the creativity touches many things – I have dabbled in photography, painting, ceramics, mosaics, music, writing, etc. For the past year or so I've had a strong interest in politics & history, so I read a lot on those things. Need to do more 'art' projects, but right now I'm having fun just learning a new culture.

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