have you ever had a pambazo? bread filled with a chorizo potato mix, dipped in red salsa and deep fried, then smothered in crema and covered with cheese, you can’t go wrong with this little grease bomb.


3 thoughts on “pambazo

  1. >they are delicious, but unfortunately i don't have a recipe. a friend's mother made these so i have to slowly coax the secrets out of her! and once i do have it, i'll post for sure.

  2. >yes, i've had this and I know how to make it. Ok. Basic home made enchildada sauce. see my ehow: (garlic is optional)The way my sister in law makes it is to buy the bread for tortas, then she cuts off the top pointy part, and then slices down from the top and half way down sometimes she even pinches out the inside soft pieces of bread to make room for the filling, then she boils potatoes skin on, I think she also adds carrots but that is up to the cook, peel and cube, cook chorizo and drain grease, mix with potatoes, puts mixture inside of bread, dip in the enchilada sauce, and fry (when I had it it was NOT deep fried), top it with lettuce, queso fresco, and crema, and salsa of course. I like the enchiladas better myself but I often make a a torta, minus the enchilada sauce with the potato chorizo mixture. I even sometimes put the potato/chorizo mixture on a tostada for a quick dinner, with all the same toppings. blessings. PuertoVallartagirl in Portland

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